GBASIC (or G-Basic) is the MSX-BASIC extension for Gfx9000 and Video9000. Initially developed by Koen van Hartingsveldt of Sunrise, TNI now participates in development. GBASIC implements the V9990 screenmodes, VDP and graphic related statements and functions by using a 'G' prefix.

Pointless Platform

One of our entries for the MSXdev'06 competition, a quick humorous game.

COMMAND2.COM version 2.4

COMMAND2.COM is the command interpreter for MSX-DOS 2. The MSX disk operating system with sub directory and native RAMdisk support. COMMAND2.COM version 2.4 was initially developed by C.P.U. in the 1990's, releasing versions 2.40 and 2.41. These releases include many new features, such as a way to add conditions to batch files.

tniNES - an iNES ROM image tool

tniNES is an open source program, licensed under the GPL (v3+), to edit and otherwise manipulate NES ROM-images in iNES-format (.NES files), used by emulators like iNES, NESticle and fwNES. tniNES is written in QuickBASIC, with MS-DOS in mind.


A humoristic shooting game for Passion MSX2 Contest (2009), full of double meanings!


A classic arcade shooting game, reaching 2nd place in MSXdev'09.

Using frame alternating for showing about 50 colours on 1st generation MSX computers, the 10 levels of challenging gameplay will have you playing to the end!

Bounce 2004

A demo for the Bounce Challenge. Showing some never before seen tricks on MSX2 with MSX-MUSIC (FM-PAC).

TuNzIp - ZIP decompressor for MSX-DOS2

TuNzIp is the first decompressor on MSX that works with the ubiquitous "deflate" algorithm. This allows you to compress ZIP files anywhere and decompress them on MSX running MSX-DOS2.

Hi-Spec Snowfall

A demo for the Snowfall Challenge. It needs Gfx9000 and works on MSX2, although MSXturboR is recommended.

ROMLOAD - ROM image loading tool

Inspired by Sean Young's SCROM, ROMLOAD started as a fairly simple tool to load and execute a ROM in a Konami Sound Cartridge like Snatcher and SD-Snatcher.

Pointless Shooting

One of our MSXdev'06 entries. Shoot as much as you can, but avoid getting hit or hitting anything.

DSR2TOOLS - DalSoRi R2.0 toolset

DSR2TOOLS are a set of tools for the DalSoRi R2.0 OPL4 sound extension.

PSQTOOLS - PlaySoniq toolset

PSQTOOLS are a set of tools for the PlaySoniq module.

MS² - MoonSound Music Studio

A MoonSound tracker based on MML technology, for MSX-DOS2 and 256K RAM, designed to use the OPL4 to its fullest!

GEM - Gameboy Emulator for MSX

GEM runs on MSX2 and above, but is optimized for MSX turboR. Written in 100% assembly and employing advanced translation techniques, GEM is able to run Gameboy games at playable speeds.