About Us

The New Image (TNI for short) started as a group in the Dutch hobbyist MSX scene in 1991 and has remained active for the MSX platform ever since.

In 1999, The New Image officially became a company and started to develop commercial activities. Since 2008, TNI as a company imports and sells Japanese Anime figurines.

As a MSX group, TNI has changed a lot over the years, as new people join and existing members lose interest. With the advent of the internet, where TNI has had a presence since 1994, TNI extended its wings internationally. After some international collaboration in the late 1990s, TNI welcomed its first non-Dutch member in 2005.

Presently active members

  • Patriek Lesparre (GuyveR800) - Founder and company Executive Director
  • Albert Beevendorp (BiFi) - Longest standing member

Past active members

Incomplete list in rough backwards chronological order

  • Robert J. Hill (discomeats)
  • Bart van Velzen
  • Roberto Vargas (k0ga) - First non-Dutch member
  • Jaap O. Mark (SKiLLa) (previously known as JOM)
  • Laurens Holst (Grauw)
  • Toni Galvez (paulbrk)
  • Abi van Tamelen (noZeMSX)
  • Bas Wijnen (Shevek)
  • Reinout Gerlach (Reggy)
  • Björn Lammers (Blackbird)
  • Marius Hartland (Akuma)
  • Jurjen Katsman
  • Klaas-Jan Vlaanderen
  • Lourens Vlaanderen

Contact Info

The e-mail address for general information regarding TNI and its activities is: info@tni.nl
The New Image is listed at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: KvK nr. 30155345