TuNzIp - ZIP decompressor for MSX-DOS2

TuNzIp is the first decompressor on MSX that works with the ubiquitous "deflate" algorithm. This allows you to compress ZIP files anywhere and decompress them on MSX running MSX-DOS2.

Compared to the LZH decompressor LHext, speed is similar when using a RAM disk, but TuNzIp beats LHext by 1.5 times when working with diskettes. Rather than brute-forcing more speed, it relies on smart algorithms that minimize the memory footprint, in order to facilitate integration in other programs.

Version 0.91 info:
Only supports ZIP files with filenames in 8.3 format (longer filenames will be cut off), and without subdirectory trees. Files are decompressed to the current working directory. Existing files are not overwritten. Broken/partial files are kept. Later versions will add support for longer filenames and subdirectories, as well as various commandline switches.

TuNzIp is written by Patriek Lesparre, (c) 2005-2015 by The New Image


24 October 2015 - The world's first modern unzip program for MSX has been updated to fix a pair of bugs.

What's new in version 0.91:
- Fix bug where files larger than 64K cause TuNzIp to abort
- Fix bug which caused some files larger than 32K to be decompressed wrong (CRC
- Various speed improvements

13 July 2015 - TNI proudly presents the first modern ZIP decompressor for MSX! With impressive decompression speeds, using downloaded files directly on MSX has never been easier! We hope TuNzIp will contribute to keep (or make) MSX a viable hobbyist platform in the 21st century.

Development of TuNzIp actually started in 2005, but was not completed at that time due to a hard to find bug causing incorrect decompression for a minority of data files. Although eventually this bug was fixed, motivation to publicly release this program was very low due to situations in the MSX scene. We hope those things will be behind us very soon, as we work towards celebrating TNI's 25th anniversary in 2016!