An incomplete list of projects that we have in development.

MSX projects in beta stage

  • Guru Logic Champ - a MSX2 port of the fantastic Compile game.
  • Kumoko & Yumeko - a "Puzzle Bobble" type puzzle game with anime graphics for MSX2.
  • MS2 - MoonSound Music Studio, finally use your OPL4 to its fullest.

MSX projects in early development stages

  • 'Clockchip configurator' - Configure every aspect of your clockchip.
  • Cyberware - Epic game series in planning since 1994.
  • MNESX - NES emulator for MSX.
  • SCC-BASIC - Similar to FM-BASIC, but for Konami's SCC.
  • TNIOS - Operating System to be built out of various subprojects (among which GLCOS, BiOS, MSX-DOS3).
  • 'WWW browser' - XHTML+CSS browser for MSX.

PC projects in beta stage

  • LUME - Layered Universal Map Editor.
  • tniASM v1.0 - Powerful macro language compiler.
  • pseudoMSX - The world's most accurate MSX emulator with proper GUI, for Linux and Windows (and theoretically OSX).