GEM - Gameboy Emulator for MSX

GEM runs on MSX2 and above, but is optimized for MSX turboR. Written in 100% assembly and employing advanced translation techniques, GEM is able to run Gameboy games at playable speeds.

The Dynamic Recompiler, a first-timer in 8-bit computing, was first introduced in GEM v0.7 and translates Gameboy code into MSX code at run-time and caches it in MSX memory for further execution. Gfx9000 is required since version v0.9990, while SCC and an external 4MB Memory Mapper are optional, though recommended since v1.0.

GEMZ was a port to Z380, using Leonardo Padial's LPE-Z380 extension. This version, while promising, was discontinued due to LPE-Z380's unpopularity among MSX users.

GEM and GEMZ are written by Patriek Lesparre, (c) 2000-2010 by The New Image


12 August 2010 - TNI celebrates GEM's 10th anniversary with the release of GEM v1.0! Among other great improvements, this version brings a massive speed increase. With a small amount of frameskip, most games play fast enough to be enjoyed and many even run at full speed! Update: A grave bug was found and fixed in v1.01.

8 August 2007 - GEM v0.9990 released! The version number reflects the fact that GEM now requires Gfx9000 (V9990). Changes include a more accurate CPU core, which should help games like the excellent Mystic Quest to run properly. Please read GEM.TXT for a full list of changes.

22 July 2007 - A patch for GEM v0.8 has been available for a while at the MSX IPS Patch Archive that fixes a bug in the config file parser.