ROMLOAD version 1.99u released

27 June 2008 - After almost a year since our request, MSX Resource Center finally stopped violating our copyrights. To celebrate, we are happy to announce you ROMLOAD 1.99u. This version includes the patches that were released for 1.99t and support for ESE-SCC! This makes it more suitable for loading ROM files in ESE MSX System 3.

New in this version:

  • Fixed support to run 16 kB mapped games in the SD-Snatcher Sound Cartridge
  • Added support to run the MSX-DOS 2 Kernel in a Sound Cartridge
  • Added reformatted usage output to make everything fit a WIDTH 80 screen
  • .ROM is now the default extension
  • Fixed subslot number display when detected in an expanded slot
  • Fixed bug causing non-existing Sound-Cartridges to be detected
  • Added support to use ESE-SCC up to 512 kB of RAM in stead of a Sound Cartridge
  • Updated /P to enable patching up to 64 blocks within the limits of the ROM image