The New Image 25th anniversary!

5 May 2016 - On a spring day in May of 1991, The New Image was born. Not sprung forth from a group of real-life friends, but created in cyberspace. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we gaze upon our history, and look into the future. The New Image, also known as TNI (IPA: [teː.ɛn.i] kana: テイ・エン・イイ), is the oldest surviving entity in the MSX world today. Driven by unrelenting determination, guided by strong principles, and dedication to MSX technology, TNI has been involved in countless MSX projects ever since its inception.

As TNI expanded its cyberspace presence from the Dutch BBS scene to the internet frontier in 1994, so too expanded its (international) collaboration. You will be surprised to learn exactly which projects and organizations TNI has been instrumental in, as it largely operates (anonymously) behind the scenes. The New Image is widely acknowledged for its vast expertise on MSX hardware and (system) software and not afraid to take on big projects.

Building on the MSX knowledge it has acquired, The New Image now announces its magnum opus: 萌SX (IPA: [ɛks] kana: もえスエックス)

萌SX is a research and development project for the next generation of MSX. Its basis on the hardware side is a Z80/R800 binary compatible 32bit CPU of our own design, as well as a VDP that is an enhanced hybrid of V9958 and V9990. On the software side is a complete overhaul of the MSX system software, including a fast MSX-BASIC and modern multi-tasking MSX-DOS. Backwards compatibility is guaranteed as much as possible, although for the sake of progress some of it may be sacrificed.

As we endeavour to build a future for MSX, we'd like to strengthen our team. We are looking for talented programmers in C++ or Z80 to help maintain and develop our software, as well as artists and designers for game making. What we ask for is dedication and team spirit. Furthermore, we depend on your support. Be it moral, financial or otherwise; please drop a message at if you can. Thanks in advance!