tniASM v0.45 released and Sponsorship for v1.0 opens

2 November 2011 - In celebration of the official death of the v0.x series of tniASM, a bugfix version v0.45 with codename "Magnum mercy shot" was released. At the same time, a sponsorship program identical to the one in place for MoonSound Music Studio was launched for the upcoming tniASM v1.0, which is poised to replace it (and pretty much any other assembler you've ever used).

What's new:

  • Fixed: Generate error for LD L,IXL (or similar) instead of simply outputting LD IXL,IXL.
  • Now supports using expressions for the fixed numeric operands in IM, RST, BIT, RES and SET instructions. Previously generated an error or wrong result!
  • Officially the last version of the v0.x series. See Chapter 3.3 of the manual for more information about tniASM v1.0.