COMMAND2.COM version 2.44 released

11 November 2010 - Continuing the development of C.P.U.'s COMMAND2.COM v2.4, The New Image today released COMMAND2.COM v2.44. It contains a proper TAB completion bug fix and several new features. Read on for a full list of changes.
Update: Please redownload the package if you've downloaded before 18 November. Some help file updates were missing from the original release.
Update 2: Please redownload the package if you've downloaded before 29 November. A bug was fixed that caused "Wrong version of COMMAND" error on MSX2 machines.

Changes in version 2.44 are:

  • Fixed a bug causing TAB completion to go into an infinite loop in a subdirectory with only the . and .. entries. In such a case a BEEP will occur indicating it couldn't find any name to complete.
  • The COMPATCH is implemented natively. This is to display the free size of a FAT16 partition.
  • Added SHIFT command for batch files. This allows to shift arguments 1 position to the left, including an option to specify from which argument the shift will take place.
  • New external command: TYPEWW to type text with word-wrap.
  • New external command: MORE piping command to pause output display per screen.
  • Added BOOT command. Sets the boot drive for when leaving MSX-BASIC.
  • Added HERTZ command. Sets VDP refresh frequency.
  • SET PROMPT ON and SET PROMPT OFF are restored to their respective defaults. If PROMPT wasn't set, it defaults to %_CWD%>.
  • Restored ERA, ERASE and RENAME commands for compatibility reasons.
  • Added missing COMMAND2.COM version 2.41 features to the help files.
  • Internal Variable _MSXVER now supports all MSX generations.
  • Added @STRING Internal Variable Function. Returns a string of the specified length containing the first character of a string.