COMMAND2.COM version 2.4

COMMAND2.COM is the command interpreter for MSX-DOS 2. The MSX disk operating system with sub directory and native RAMdisk support. COMMAND2.COM version 2.4 was initially developed by C.P.U. in the 1990's, releasing versions 2.40 and 2.41. These releases include many new features, such as a way to add conditions to batch files.

After a tab completion bug report and a fix for it in an old Hardware Partners Nederland release, The New Image decided to continue development of COMMAND2.COM version 2.4. Further investigation led to the discovery that the fix was based on version 2.40 rather than version 2.41 even though it was released as version 2.42. Then, KdL recently released a version 2.43 containing simple text fixes based on version 2.42.

The version presented here is developed separately from the above mentioned versions and a true continuation of the original version 2.41 of COMMAND2.COM. Aside from a cleaner implementation of the tab completion bug fix, keeping the circular feature fully operational, it also has several completely new features.

Main features for COMMAND2.COM version 2.4:

  • New command line editor which includes an input buffer of up to 1024 bytes
  • Many new features
    • new commands include
      • ALIAS (define short version of a command or executable extension)
      • CDD (Change Directory and Drive)
      • HISTORY (show previously entered commands or resize its space)
      • MEMORY (show memory status)
      • PUSHD (store current directory)
      • POPD (restore current directory)
    • extended commands to allow system attribute include
      • ATDIR
      • ATTRIB (also archive attribute)
      • COPY
      • DIR
    • extended batch file features include
      • labels (new batch file system)
      • GOTO (new batch file system)
      • GOSUB (new batch file system)
      • RETURN (new batch file system)
      • END (new batch file system)
      • IF (new comparisons)
      • IFF (multi-line IF)
      • ENDIFF
      • SHIFT (batch argument shift)
    • environment items include
      • PROMPT (freely defineable)
      • EXPERT (default ON)
      • ALIAS
      • SEPAR
      • EXPAND
      • CDPATH
    • new feature, internal variables include
      • _BOOT (boot drive)
      • _CWD (current working directory)
      • _CWP (current working pathname)
      • _DISK (current drive)
    • new feature, internal variable functions include
      • @ASCII, @CHAR character functions
      • @FILEATTR, @FILEDATE, @FILESIZE, @FILETIME file functions
      • @FFIRST, @FNEXT directory parse functions
      • @LEFT, @MID, @RIGHT string functions
      • @LOWER, @STRING, @UPPER string conversion functions
    • new external commands include
      • MORE (piping command to pause output display per screen
      • TO (create, change, delete directories with database)
      • TREE (show directory structure)
      • TYPEWW (type text with word-wrap)
  • TAB completion for directory and file names
  • COMPATCH implemented natively to display the free size of a FAT16 drive

For a complete overview, please check HISTORY.TXT and the online HELP.


11 November 2010 - Continuing the development of C.P.U.'s COMMAND2.COM v2.4, The New Image today released COMMAND2.COM v2.44. It contains a proper TAB completion bug fix and several new features. Read on for a full list of changes.
Update: Please redownload the package if you've downloaded before 18 November. Some help file updates were missing from the original release.
Update 2: Please redownload the package if you've downloaded before 29 November. A bug was fixed that caused "Wrong version of COMMAND" error on MSX2 machines.

Changes in version 2.44 are:

  • Fixed a bug causing TAB completion to go into an infinite loop in a subdirectory with only the . and .. entries. In such a case a BEEP will occur indicating it couldn't find any name to complete.
  • The COMPATCH is implemented natively. This is to display the free size of a FAT16 partition.
  • Added SHIFT command for batch files. This allows to shift arguments 1 position to the left, including an option to specify from which argument the shift will take place.
  • New external command: TYPEWW to type text with word-wrap.
  • New external command: MORE piping command to pause output display per screen.
  • Added BOOT command. Sets the boot drive for when leaving MSX-BASIC.
  • Added HERTZ command. Sets VDP refresh frequency.
  • SET PROMPT ON and SET PROMPT OFF are restored to their respective defaults. If PROMPT wasn't set, it defaults to %_CWD%>.
  • Restored ERA, ERASE and RENAME commands for compatibility reasons.
  • Added missing COMMAND2.COM version 2.41 features to the help files.
  • Internal Variable _MSXVER now supports all MSX generations.
  • Added @STRING Internal Variable Function. Returns a string of the specified length containing the first character of a string.