GBASIC (or G-Basic) is the MSX-BASIC extension for Gfx9000 and Video9000. Initially developed by Koen van Hartingsveldt of Sunrise, TNI now participates in development. GBASIC implements the V9990 screenmodes, VDP and graphic related statements and functions by using a 'G' prefix.

GBASIC installs itself as a resident extension. The minimal requirements are:

  • MSX2
  • 128 kB user RAM
  • disk drive

MSX-DOS2 is highly recommended to avoid memory conflicts.

Plans include:

  • Graphic character printing
  • Implement GDRAW
  • Add support for P1 and P2 display modes


28 December 2011 - Participating in the development of Koen van Hartingsveldt's BASIC extension for Gfx9000 and Video9000, The New Image today releases GBASIC version 1.0. This release synchronizes the manual with the binary and contains a few bugfixes. Read on for a list of changes.
Update: This version is also available on the Sunrise website.

Changes in this version are:

  • Synchronize the manual with the binary.
  • Added interlace reset to the hot-key.
  • Fixed colour defaults between GPSET (foreground) and GPRESET (back-drop).
  • Fixed GSPRITE$(). A full 128-byte string for pattern 0 cleared pattern 1.
  • Added interlace support to GCOPY SCREEN.