tniNES - an iNES ROM image tool

tniNES is an open source program, licensed under the GPL (v3+), to edit and otherwise manipulate NES ROM-images in iNES-format (.NES files), used by emulators like iNES, NESticle and fwNES. tniNES is written in QuickBASIC, with MS-DOS in mind.

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There are other programs to edit the iNES header, but none have the capabilities or interface I like to see. What's more, many tools leave a tag in the reserved space of the iNES header, a space which the iNES v0.7 specification partially uses. Thus, many .NES files treated with these tools cause problems when using with an iNES v0.7 headercompatible emulator.

tniNES has grown very powerful, if I may say so. I think it will prove to be useful to everyone, from gamers to hackers, from collectors to programmers.

As the iNES ROM-Image standard may expand one day, tniNES takes special care not to change any currently unused bit, so no data will be lost. Ofcourse, I will try to keep tniNES up-to-date, but if you don't do anything stupid, you can use this version forever.

What's new in version 2.6?

  • Added support for the VS Unisystem.
  • Added support for even more fwNES mappers.
  • Added support for path and filename with wildcards! (You can now process all files in the entire drive or directorytree! ^_^
  • Added subcommands, read the 'how to use' for details.
  • Lots of internal and external changes.
  • Changed -m command to -j.
  • Bugfix: When splitting a file with a footer, a far too large file would be output. (I haven't tested this behaviour, but fixed it anyway ;)
  • Bugfix: When joining a .NES file without .CHR, lotsa stuff would go kinda wrong.
  • Bugfix: When saving a headerfile, any changes to the number of ROM/VROM pages weren't saved.
  • Bugfix: When truncating a file in a directory other than the current, it would be moved to the current directory. Back-ups would also be made in the current directory.
    (This should be the last of those stOOpid bugs. Knock on wood ^^;)

tniNES is written by Patriek Lesparre, (c) 1997-1998 by The New Image


16 February 2008 - Released tniNES source code under GPLv3 license.