tniNES v2.6 released under GPL

16 February 2008 - Released tniNES source code under GPLv3 license.

Pointless Platform r2 released

31 December 2007 - TNI announces Pointless Platform release 2! This updated version of our MSXdev'06 competition entry includes new features such as hi-score, the ability to build save for and build new platforms, new music and minor bugfixes. We hope you'll enjoy this slightly less futile version and wish you a happy 2008! It will no doubt be an exciting year ^_^

GEM v0.9990 released

8 August 2007 - GEM v0.9990 released! The version number reflects the fact that GEM now requires Gfx9000 (V9990). Changes include a more accurate CPU core, which should help games like the excellent Mystic Quest to run properly. Please read GEM.TXT for a full list of changes.

GEMZ discontinued, GEM revived

22 July 2007 - Good news and bad news. The bad news is GEMZ has been discontinued, due to the failure of LPE-Z380 in the scene. The good news is GEM has been revived and a new version is being worked on! A lot of work is going into cleaning up the source code, so that the next version isn't going to take another 4 years.

GEM v0.8 patch

22 July 2007 - A patch for GEM v0.8 has been available for a while at the MSX IPS Patch Archive that fixes a bug in the config file parser.