MSXdev'09 entry: Menace

1 December 2009 - The New Image today released Menace, our entry to the MSXdev'09 contest.

Passion MSX2 Contest: Equivocal

1 July 2009 - Our entry to Passion MSX2 Contest 2009 is Equivocal, a shooting game full of double meanings!

ROMLOAD version 1.99u released

27 June 2008 - After almost a year since our request, MSX Resource Center finally stopped violating our copyrights. To celebrate, we are happy to announce you ROMLOAD 1.99u. This version includes the patches that were released for 1.99t and support for ESE-SCC! This makes it more suitable for loading ROM files in ESE MSX System 3.

MSX 25th Anniversary Event a success

24 June 2008 - TNI would like to thank all visitors and participants of the MSX 25th Anniversary Event for making it a success!

MSX 25th Anniversary Event announcement

28 May 2008 - TNI is proud to announce the MSX 25th Anniversary Event in Den Dolder, Netherlands, sponsored by MSX Association.