MSX 35th anniversary: 萌SX update

27 June 2018 - As we celebrate the 35th anniversary of MSX, the 萌SX (MoSX) project progresses steadily. This TNI project aims to define and implement the next generation MSX standard. Previously, we mentioned the 32bit Z80/R800 compatible CPU, and we presented the 萌SX system architecture at the Nijmegen MSX Fair 2018. Of course, everything is backwards compatible with MSX! Now, the first steps are being taken towards implementing these designs in VHDL. Read on for more information on the features of 萌SX!

DSR2TOOLS released

31 December 2017 - As an increasing list of tools for the DalSoRi R2.0 OPL4 sound extension, the first tools of DSR2TOOLS are released. The first tools are DSR2SET (a tool to configure every setting of the DalSoRi R2.0 OPL4 sound extension) and DSR2SROM (a tool to load customised Sample ROM into SRAM).

The New Image 25th anniversary!

5 May 2016 - On a spring day in May of 1991, The New Image was born. Not sprung forth from a group of real-life friends, but created in cyberspace. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we gaze upon our history, and look into the future. The New Image, also known as TNI (IPA: [teː.ɛn.i] kana: テイ・エン・イイ), is the oldest surviving entity in the MSX world today. Driven by unrelenting determination, guided by strong principles, and dedication to MSX technology, TNI has been involved in countless MSX projects ever since its inception.

TuNzIp v0.91 released

24 October 2015 - The world's first modern unzip program for MSX has been updated to fix a pair of bugs.

TuNzIp v0.9 released

13 July 2015 - TNI proudly presents the first modern ZIP decompressor for MSX! With impressive decompression speeds, using downloaded files directly on MSX has never been easier! We hope TuNzIp will contribute to keep (or make) MSX a viable hobbyist platform in the 21st century.