TNI Event Agenda & Winkel Informatie

The New Image zal op de volgende evenementen aanwezig zijn met onze exclusieve Japanse import:
3 januari - Gamepitcon 2015 in Arnhem

Anime/Manga winkel

Onze winkel, die "Animere" heet (een woordspeling op Anime en Almere), is open van woensdag t/m zondag van 12:00 tot 19:00.


GEM v1.2 released

19 November 2014 - The Gameboy Emulator for MSX (GEM) has a new release. The major highlight in GEM v1.2 is a complete rewrite of the video renderer, using native Gfx9000 sprites and tiles, as well as triple buffering for a faster and cleaner experience. The improvement in games using scrolling, sprite-behind-background and/or the alternate sprite palette is most eye-catching. Update: v1.21 fixes a rendering bug.

ROMLOAD version 1.99w released

2 November 2013 - Released version 1.99w!
This version supports DAC, configurable hotkeys and more. As of version 1.99w, no features will be added. Any feature requests will be considered for ROMLOAD 2 from now on. The last 3 version letters (x, y and z) will be for bugfix releases only.

PSQTOOLS released

27 October 2013 - As an increasing list of tools for the PlaySoniq module, the first tools of PSQTOOLS are released. The first tools are DUALVDP (a tool to show the MSX screen on 2 VDPs) and PSQSET (a tool to configure every setting of the PlaySoniq module).

GBASIC version 1.0 released

28 December 2011 - Participating in the development of Koen van Hartingsveldt's BASIC extension for Gfx9000 and Video9000, The New Image today releases GBASIC version 1.0. This release synchronizes the manual with the binary and contains a few bugfixes. Read on for a list of changes.
Update: This version is also available on the Sunrise website.

tniASM v0.45 released and Sponsorship for v1.0 opens

2 November 2011 - In celebration of the official death of the v0.x series of tniASM, a bugfix version v0.45 with codename "Magnum mercy shot" was released. At the same time, a sponsorship program identical to the one in place for MoonSound Music Studio was launched for the upcoming tniASM v1.0, which is poised to replace it (and pretty much any other assembler you've ever used).