TNI Event Agenda & Winkel Informatie

The New Image zal ook dit jaar weer op de meeste bekende evenementen aanwezig zijn met onze exclusieve Japanse import.

Anime Speciaalzaak

Onze gezellige winkel, die "Animere" heet (een woordspeling op Anime en Almere), is open van woensdag t/m zondag van 12:00 tot 19:00.


GEM v1.0 released!

12 August 2010 - TNI celebrates GEM's 10th anniversary with the release of GEM v1.0! Among other great improvements, this version brings a massive speed increase. With a small amount of frameskip, most games play fast enough to be enjoyed and many even run at full speed! Update: A grave bug was found and fixed in v1.01.

New TNI member: discomeats

21 July 2010 - After cooperation on our PassionMSX2 contest entry, discomeats joined TNI. His creativity will no doubt be an asset to us. With this, TNI's international membership expands further. However, we are still looking for a pixel artist to join our ranks!

TNI new website launch

21 July 2010 - Finally, The New Image has its new website. The Projects page was updated and now that making updates is easier for us, there will be more of them! New features, like a webshop, will also be added to the site step by step.

MSXdev'09 entry: Menace

1 December 2009 - The New Image today released Menace, our entry to the MSXdev'09 contest.

Passion MSX2 Contest: Equivocal

1 July 2009 - Our entry to Passion MSX2 Contest 2009 is Equivocal, a shooting game full of double meanings!